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It all started in 1997 with a fan site for Bungie Software though at the time we were known as The Psyjnir Complex.

Founded by Robert Sogomonian and Ryan Rea and managed by five of their close friends, The Psyjnir Complex not only served as a well known hub for Bungie related news and activity, but we also produced a good deal of orginal content inspired by Bungie's games including a popular webcomic series with an original and elaborate backstory, narratives, artwork, music, and more.

We launched, a central hub where fellow fans could search for, comment on, and upload music. The Psyjnir Complex hosted a Hotline server and mirrored the vast majority of the best content from the Bungie community. We also wrote our own client for the Hotline protocol, PsyConnect, and maintained it for several years before we moved over to the more widely used IRC.

In mid-2000, after several years of managing our own site and keeping it updated with the latest in web standards and development practices, The Psyjnir Complex began working with clients to help bring their products and ideas to the web. Eventually, we were able to work on a contract basis with Wideload Games, a company that was created by several former Bungie Software employees - including Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian - that had left Bungie after the company was sold to Microsoft. The Psyjnir Complex developed and published several product websites for Wideload Games including, an interactive marketing website for the game Hail to the Chimp, as well as the product website for Cyclomite.

The Psyjnir Complex enjoyed a wonderful business relationship with Wideload Games for several years until 2009 when Wideload was purchased by The Walt Disney Company. Since Disney Interactive has its own online team, and we had been working on a contract basis for Wideload Games, our services were no longer required.

During our time with Wideload Games we made several high profile contacts. One of these was Schiffman Creative, the design studio that created all of the artwork and design for the product branding at Wideload Games. They were highly impressed in our ability to take their layouts and seamlessly translate them into fully functional websites. As a result we have continued collaborate with them ever since. Their skills in design and branding combined with our skills in development have resulted in cutting-edge websites with a high level of functionality and an incredible degree of polish.

In July of 2012 we incorporated as Psyjnir Inc. This reflects our increased level of professionalism while celebrating our history. Currently, we are working to expand our website development clientele. At the same time, we have begun preliminary design on our first video game. We hope to catch the industry by surprise with a fresh take on an old idea. Psyjnir Inc is also working to bring back The Psyjnir Complex website, featuring all new original content and an updated graphic novel version of the comics.

If you're curious about some of our previous projects, feel free to take a look at our portfolios.
Psyjnir Inc is always excited to work with new clients so if any of our services interest you please contact us!