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Active Multimedia Projects

DCS World Su-25T Tutorials - A web-based set of video tutorials on how to fly the Su-25T airplane that is provided for free with the DCS World flight simulator. This tutorial series was recorded to assist individuals who are new to DCS World and its more realistic flight models, and in turn steeper learning curve, get acquainted with the basics of using the free aircraft. It is listed as one of the game's Steam community guides and is highly rated and appreciated by viewers.

The Psyjnir Complex Comics - This comic series was drawn circa 2002 and should be making its triumphant return in a more graphic novel format in early 2014. The Psyjnir Complex is an original story written and produced by Robert Sogomonian and explores the mythology behind the Psyjnir Administrators and their close relationship with Bungie Software. Stay tuned for the relaunch!

Clayton Oktoberfest Advertisement Poster - Here is an advertising poster that we maintained for the City of Clayton (California) Oktoberfest event. We took over production from a graphic artist who was retiring and reducing his workload, but unfortunately he only gave us a single layer image. We took that image and cut out the individual pieces, practically rebuilding it from scratch based on the original so that future edits would be simple to take care of!

Ararat Exterminators Logo - Converted to a vectorized image based on taking photos of the existing logo on the vehicles used by Ararat Exterminators. The original artwork had been lost over the years so we re-made it from what we had on hand! Creating it in a vector format allows the artwork to be scaled larger or smaller with no loss in image quality.

Birthday Card Original Artwork - Back in the days of The Psyjnir Complex, we had several close friends within the Bungie community. We created a birthday card for one such friend, adorned with the full cast of Psyjnir Administrators and mailed it to him. It was very well recieved!

Old Psyjnir Complex Business Cards - Old business cards designed for The Psyjnir Complex. Each administrator had a personalized card with his name, contact information and the company address on it.