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Active Website Projects

Here is a small sampling of the websites that we have worked on. The links lead to the live websites, which are maintained by their respective owners. Psyjnir Inc prides itself on creating integrated content management systems so that our clients can handle basic site updates on their own.

Depreciated Sites

Unfortunately, not all projects stay online forever. The following sites were developed by Psyjnir Inc, but unfortunately no longer exist online. They are included here for posterity as hosted on Archive.org - a site that specializes in maintaining archives of old websites. It is useful to take a look at these to look at their layouts, but understand that the websites aren't fully functional anymore.

http://www.cyclomite.com/ - currently mirrored locally as the original website has been taken offline. You can also find a copy on Archive.org, a website that keeps old versions of websites for posterity. The Archive.org one is missing several images and videos. We are no longer affiliated with Wideload Games as they are now owned by Walt Disney Corporation.

http://www.grrnews.com/ - Static page via Archive.org, original databases no longer exist so the dynamic site cannot be rebuilt. All content on this static page used to be dynamic and very easy to update via a custom written administration section.