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The Psyjnir Complex

While it has evolved significantly over the years, The Psyjnir Complex is where we got our start. It used to be a fansite to all things Bungie Software related but lately it has become more of a general entertainment site. We are currently redeveloping all of the site artwork, layout and functionality hoping to re-launch it in the middle of 2016.

Asset Extraction

Our first attempt at designing a mission for DCS World, a highly realistic combat flight simulator, Asset Extraction is also the first (and as of October 2013 only) mission for this game that incorporates all possible user-controllable aircraft while maintaining real-world believability and designed to appeal to both beginners and veterans of the series.

This is also one of the few missions that has fully voice-acted radio communications that propel the mission storyline forward. Written from scratch by our talented design team, this mission truly shows how much fun can be experienced in this simulated flight environment. A series of missions, based on the storyline introduced in this one, are currently under development for future release.

Su-25T Tutorial Series

When DCS World was released on the Steam content delivery service we knew there would be a lot of people that would be interested in flying the free aircraft that comes with the base game, the Su-25T. Unfortunately, the tutorials provided by the game itself are very low resolution, low quality videos that were provided with a much earlier version of the game (Flaming Cliffs 2, a precursor to DCS World). Besides being very hard to sit through due to their overal quality, these tutorials only scratched the surface of how to fly the aircraft.

We took it upon ourselves to create a series of updated, highly detailed tutorials for new pilots to be able to watch and become better acquainted with the Su-25T and we have posted it as a Steam Community Guide so new players can quickly find and learn how to start flying. Our tutorial series is highly popular on both YouTube as well as on Steam. We are considering producing tutorials for all of the aircraft modules in the future.

Previous Projects

If you are interested in previously completed projects, we recommend you take a look at our online portfolios for more examples of our work.